Scratch Postcards Ver.2 - Senado Square / Himeji Castle / Parthenon / Eiffel Tower

Switch on the lights of famous landmarks of the world in four different versions of Scratch Postcard. Choose a dazzling night view where you want to see or where you have unforgettable memories from. Turn on the beautiful lights with your hand - create your own night landscapes with a scratch pen!


What is included:

4 Scratch Postcards (Senado Square / Himeji Castle / Parthenon / Eiffel Tower), one envelope, and a scratch stick (* The black Scratch Pen shown in the picture is sold separately.)

How to do

Use the scratch stick enclosed to trace the gray lines on the black scratch-off boards.
Those lines provide an easy way for everyone to trace the illustrations, revealing metallic gold color underneath.
Finish the drawing, write a letter in the back, and send a one-of-a-kind gift to someone you care.

Product details

Material: Paper
Size: 200 x 140 mm (8" x 6")


4 Different Versions:

Ver.1 : Opera House / Statue of Liberty / Tower Bridge / Tower of Pisa
Ver.2 : Senado Square / Himeji Castle / Parthenon / Eiffel Tower
Ver.3 : Taj Mahal / Shanhu Lake / Big Ben / St. Basil's Cathedral
Ver.4 (Korea) : Kyonghoeroo / Sungnyemun Gate / Dabotap / N Seoul Tower

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